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  Sunday, April 18, 2021

A few milestones:

  • Birth of ABC (All Budget Cars)
    June 1999
  • Opening car cleaning center
    August 1999
  • Start ABC Tuning
    mei 2000
  • Founding of ABC Tuning Club
    July 2000
  • Opening ABC Tuning Café
    December 2000
  • ABC Events sees the day-light!
    February 2002


Nice that you take some time to read about our path of life !

As a child Rohnny Budenaers was already attracted to beautiful, shining cars.
Already then his interest went to fast and exclusive cars. You couldn’t talk it out of his head; later he would surely sell these beautiful items !
In June 1999 a first step was made in the realisation of his child dream and thus arose ALL BUDGET CARS (ABC).



If you want to sell beautiful cars you have to ensure that they are clean and thus fairly quickly (August 1999) originated the CAR CLEANING CENTER.
Everybody knows that, once you have entered in the auto business, it is only a small step to tuning. Adding the fact of the enormous demand for tuning, made the founding of a tuning business in May 2000 only a logical result.



When you thought that this put a stop to Rohnny's boy's dream, you are completely wrong !!!
In July 2000 Rohnny and his spouse Els decided that the time has come to start a tuning club.



Since the present location couldn't cope with the large amount of customers, it became time to look for another location.
So in September 2000 started the construction of a completely new accommodation for the club and the business.
Already in December 2000 the work was done and the official opening of the ABC TUNING CAFÉ took place.
This unique project in the Benelux was the place where you could wait until your car was fitted by skilled personnel with new tires or an extension kit, while you're enjoying a nice bear, coke or coffee with a nice chat.
It was not the intention to open another pub; no, everything had to be in token of “tuning”, so it could be considered as a "theme café".



The reputation and the continuous growth of the membership of the tuning club, would soon mean that the new location became too small, so that we became the victim of our own success.
That's the reason why Rohnny and Els decide to close the café in 2001, and again go to look for a new location that would satisfy all their demands. Until now the search is stilll going on .....
Because “standing still is going back” Rohnny and Els decide to brighten their horizon and in 2002 they found ABC EVENTS.

This events office is specialised in the organisation of motorised events. Here the emphasis is especially put on security and the necessary licences from the competent authorities (police, town government, fire-brigade, Red Cross, …).

Of course side animation is provided for so that the visitors and the participants do not have the time to feel bored during these events. This can only be made possible thanks to the dedication of the ABC EVENTS Action Team. This team consists of members of the V.Z.W. ABC Tuning Club. They are responsible for the promoting and the leading in good channels of every event. On every event the members can be easily recognised thanks to their eye catching clothing .

As you have noticed, ABC is a dynamic enterprise for the youth and with the youth, that is always looking for new challenges!!!!!